We Believe You

Based on statistic from VOZ, for the year 2016, every fifth girl and every thirteen boy are sexually abused. It means that this problem concerns everyone who has children, friends, loved ones, and family.

Lets change the situation together. Lets learn how to listen, believe, and support.

We Believe You

No matter how independent we see our children, we, adults, are responsible for situations of sexual abuse harassments or violence on children and teenagers in any case .

We need to teach children how to react and behave properly in these situations.

We are the platform for education, psychological support and media initiatives, focused on the minimalization of children and teenager sexual harassments and abuse. To achieve this we do the following:

Teach parents how to listen and protect children

Gather experts, and speak about the problem

Support people who suffered sexual harassments or abuse

What is the problem?

Children are most exposed victims; it is easy to intimidate, deceive and manipulate them. Contrary to the widespread notion that pedophiles are those “scary strangers from the streets”, up to 80-90% of sexual abuses against children and teenagers is perpetrated by family members and other people in their closest circle. In the absolute majority of cases, sexual abuse is perpetuated by men; in the rest of the cases it is women who act as abusers. Who does that? People around you, who act and look like as anyone else, step-fathers, brothers, uncles, fathers, family friends, children from the neighborhood or from the school, trainers, teachers, baby-sitters.  

It is always us, adults, who carry the responsibility for sexual abuse of children and teenagers. We have to be attentive and careful. We can and we must teach children how to react to these situations. This is the reason why all of us have to know what sexual abuse is and how to prevent it. 

Children cannot be blamed for the abuses they suffer through. We will never support the inappropriate discourse that is often applied to children and teenagers and that tells them they were the ones “to provoke the abuser”. It is only the abusers who should be blamed; it is them who cross boundaries, confuse and exploit others.  According to the statistics from 2016 provided by WHO, every 5th girl and every 13th boy has been a victim of sexual abuse.

It means that this problem concerns everybody who has children, loved ones, friends. Let’s change the situation together. Let’s teach, listen, trust and support.

How to help?

The survivors of the abuse often feel shame and fear, they often experience doubts. They feel (and rightly so) that society and their own family might not be ready to talk about sexual abuse. They feel the pressure from people around them that manifests itself in phrases like “Nothing happened”, “This is not abuse”, “Let’s forget about it. It happened a long time ago and does not matter anymore”, “You have survived and this what’s important. Why ruin a person’s life”. Even parents are often not ready to hear about abuse because they too are afraid and do not know what to do. Consequently, they avoid dealing with the issue. We do not live in a culture that would encourage us to seek help from a specialist in this cases. Moreover, there are not enough competent specialists available. Today, this is how things are in the place we live in.

It’s high time we changed it! Let’s admit that there is a problem of sexual abuse against children and teenagers in Russia. Let’s listen to those who had to go through it and let’s support them. Let’s start talking about personal boundaries, bodies, healthy relationships, sexual abuse. Let’s come up with possible solutions together! How do we provide education for parents, children, teachers and how do we reduce the abuses the most helpless have to suffer?

We constantly receive letters from those who went through sexual abuse as children. Parents, who want to know what to do, also contact us. Each new request means work for our psychologists. Each new educational material means work for experts. The amount of work we do correlates directly with the support our project gets.

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